Syaqira Technologies Sdn Bhd adalah pembuat dan pengeluar pen berteknologi audio.

Quran Syaqira

This is a 100% product of a Muslim company in Malaysia which aims to make the process of learning to correctly recite the Quran become more convenient and less daunting.

Clear audio quality from local and international Qari that have been specially recorded with emphasis on Tajweed pronounciation.

The Read Pen comes with pause and speed change buttons that allow you to pause and continue the Qari's recitation whenever the need arises in either normal or slow tempo. Combined with the Quranic verses that are broken into shorter passages that automatically stop at their designated waqaf points, these unique features allow you to effectively follow the Qari,s clear recitation at your own pace.

Touch the tip of the Read Pen on:
-any of the verse in the Quran to listen to its recitation that will automatically stop at the immediate waqaf(i.e. punctuation) sign.
-the verse number to listen to the recitation of the complete verse.
-the page number to listen to the recitation of the full Surah.
-the surah header to listen to the recitation of the full surah.

A. Audio Books
Mushaf Al-Quran in Rasm Uthmani format
Practical method in Learning Tajweed
Supplications of The Prophet
Invocations of The Righteous


Ustaz Mohd fakhrul Radhi Khamarudin
1st place, Akademi Al-Quran

Ustaz Ahmad Tarmizi Abdul Rahman
Finalist Akademi Al-Quran
Regular Qari of TV Al-Hijrah

Syeikh Abdullah Basfar
Imam of Masjid Suhaybi, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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